Wat wij doen

Volunteer Correct wil beter vrijwilligerswerk. Daarom eisen we aandacht, doen we onderzoek en lobbyen we bij de industrie.

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Volunteer Correct Transparantie-Index

Hoe transparant zijn vrijwilligersorganisaties? Zie wie er goed en slecht scoren en kies!

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Workshops en expertise

Volunteer Correct is dé organisatie die zowel potentiële vrijwilligers als de industrie bereikt. We delen onze expertise.

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Stein Wetzer

Presenting: Stein

Stein is about to finish her bachelor of industrial Design at the Delft University of Technology. Related to that she teaches as student assistent at her study and did a minor International Development and Entrepreneurship, for which she spent 3 months interning in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. She was drawn to Project Cape Town by

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Juriaan Beuk

Presenting: Juriaan

Juriaan has successfully attended Maastricht’s University College and is completing his master Policy, Communication and Organization at the VU University. Juriaan has ample experience in questions relating to global challenges, as he has taken courses on international relations, sustainability, international politics and development aid. Juriaan was attracted to Project Kaapstad because it addresses the axiom

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Andrea Vermeulen

Presenting: Andrea

Andrea is currently working as managing director of the cultural foundation “Moois (Beauts)”. With Andrea’s experience as a professional in the cultural sector, we’re sure to have drawn in a heavyweight. Her CV mentions experience in education, fundraising, event management, international collaboration and artistic direction. among others. Andrea was drawn to Volunteer Correct by her solid conviction

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Dorine Maat

Presenting: Dorine

Dorine is a second year Media and Culture student at the University of Amsterdam. Since she attended high school she has been wary of the intentions of the people she witnessed who wanted to volunteer abroad. Dorine was attracted by the possibility of Project Cape Town to question the phenomenon: “I can find myself very well

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Floris van Elteren

Presenting: Floris

Floris finished his bachelor in Mechanical Engineering ‘cum laude’ at the Eindhoven University of Technology. He decided to apply for Project Cape Town from a personal interest in volunteering. He is particularly enthusiastic about the role of particpants in the project: “It is good to know that a considerable part of the projects is shaped

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Bibi Timmerman

Presenting: Bibi

Bibi is a third year bachelor student of Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam. About her involvement with Volunteer Correct she states: “During my study i have learnt to think critically about societal issues. I look forward to facing the challenge of putting theory into practice during this project”. Operating in a media

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Radio Rijnmond Alfred

Interview met Reinier Vriend over Volunteer Correct bij Nachtwerk op Radio Rijnmond 29 September

Tijdens een radiointerview dat 29 September tijdens Nachtwerk op Radio Rijnmond wordt uitgezonden, spreekt Alfred Blokhuizen met Reinier Vriend over het hoe en waarom van de stichting Volunteer Correct en Project Kaapstad. Bekijk en beluister hier het verhaal op de site van RTV Rijnmond en beluister het in de nacht van 28 op 29 september 

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