Workshops & Expertise

Volunteer Correct: ethical volunteering specialists

Volunteer Correct is the leading organisation in the field of transparent and ethical international volunteering. We’ve achieved this by actively gathering expertise and carrying out our own research. We share our knowledge in several ways:


Volunteer Correct has developed a range of workshops to inform people about the complexity of the volunteering industry. Our main aim is the potential volunteer cohort. This includes high school and university students. We organise interactive workshops that range from two hours to a full day. During the workshops, students are coached at finding information online and are encouraged to discuss among each other. The workshops are supported by Volunteer Correct’s uniquely developed video resources.


Volunteer Correct’s unique approach to creating a transparent and accountable volunteering industry has caught the attention of several organisations. We have been invited to speak as experts at several talk shows, award shows and conferences.


In concordance with our complex understanding of the voluntourism industry, Volunteer Correct offers their expertise to organisations who would like to ameliorate transparency and accountability of their own organisations and activities.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss your relevant volunteering workshops and expertise.