‘The Voluntourist’ by Chloe Sanguinetti

The Voluntourist, a voluntourism short documentary

Chloe Sanguinetti The VoluntouristVolunteer Correct became aware of Chloé Sanguinetti and her sort film ‘The Voluntourist’ at the Tourism Concern Voluntourism Conference this October. We spoke with her about her short documentary film, which can be viewed below.

Chloé Sanguinetti grew up in Paris. After graduating in ‘Humanitarian Aid and International relations’, she worked in international development alongside an NGO in Cameroon as well as for the French Red Cross. When she then set out on a 18 month long round the world trip, she became enthralled with all the voluntourism destinations along the way.

On a whim, she decided to start filming short-term volunteers working with children. Aware of both the downsides and upsides of the international voluntourism industry, Chloé asked the voluntourists about their motivations and their impact on local communities. During the filming, she also interviewed directors of local organisations, questioning them on their need to welcome international volunteers. At home, she decided to put the film together, which resulted in the short documentary ‘The Voluntourist’ below.

Now based in London, Chloé is actively promoting the film to raise awareness against short term unskilled volunteering. In our converstation, she admitted on being a Volunteer Correct fan in the background. “Anyone thinking of volunteering abroad should get in touch with Volunteer Correct, or at least have a look at the amazing resources on their website. They provide valuable insights and reflections on how to volunteer ethically.” Chloé also referred to that other voluntourism movie and asked how the film narrating the ups and downs of Volunteer Correct’s Project Cape Town. We told her that “Making a Difference” will still be a little while before it’s finished. Chloé Sanguinetti now spends her time promoting ‘The Voluntourist’ in the UK. We love to share her honest and thought provoking film with you.



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  1. marcelle Reply

    bonjour je suis centrafricaine j’ai suivi votre prestation a la tele je voudrai savoir si vous intervenez en centrafrique

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