Presenting: Tessa Bregman

Tessa Bregman

Tessa Bregman

Tessa Bregman

We would like to introduce our most recent addition to the Volunteer Correct team, Tessa Bregman. Tessa Bregman is a University of Utrecht Cultural Anthropology student. Together with Marjolein Beishuizen, she traveled to Guatemala last January to conduct field research into voluntourism. “We have compared the perspectives of volunteers with the perspectives of locals who were involved, like project coordinators, ‘colleagues’ of the volunteers and children and mothers with whom they worked.” Here they obtained a broad view of voluntourism and the possibilities for improvement, which they will soon share on this platform.

While working on their research design, Tessa discovered Volunteer Correct and Project Cape Town. Since the project was about researching the same subject at the same time period, Tessa became interested. “We followed the project and the small documentaries it produced, which – after reading a lot of scientific theory about voluntourism – were a source of inspiration for our field research.” Having written a wonderful thesis back in the Netherlands, Tessa would very much like to further spread her findings through Volunteer Correct. “I believe that the right information about volunteering is essential for making it a great experience for both the volunteer and the local community!” We are looking forward to share her contributions with you.

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