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Volunteer Correct is a licensed non-profit organisation and was formed out of a common interest in global themes that leave their mark on things close to home. All of us are close to media and its role in society, and have taken the oportunity to promote transparant and accountable international volunteer work by productively using our media skills and qualifications. The board of Volunteer Correct is made up of the following people:

Reinier Vriend

Reinier Vriend has lectured in media studies at the University of Amsterdam. He is specialised in postcolonial themes and published research on volunteer work and the web. Reinier likes to write, is an active traveler and a social butterfly. He has spent several years living in Southern Africa, and is a certified tour guide for four of South Africa’s provinces.

Kuba Szutkowski

Kuba Szutkowski is an achieved producer and film maker, co-owner of the succesful film and television production company Popov Film, known e.g. for Boijmans TV and several international film projects. Kuba has an international view on the world and is drawn to stories that tickle the moral imagination.

Brechtje Boeke

Brechtje Boeke works as independent documentary filmmaker and she focuses on the relationship between people within developments in healthcare, economy, and sustainability in a globalising world. She has received her master’s degree in Visual Anthropology and furthermore works at Cineblend, organizing monthly discussion evenings around the relationship between societal themes and film. When Brechtje was 19, she went to Costa Rica with a volunteer company and in 2005 she took part in the reality-travel series Peking Express.

Niko Winkel

Niko Winkel, a former IT professional and founder of the volunteer travel comparing site GoTanzania. After his own voluntourism adventure during a sabbatical, Niko decided to put his energy in making the voluntourism sector more transparent, fair and effective.

What’s the deal with voluntourism? Co-founder Reinier Vriend explains in the video below why a foundation like Volunteer Correct needs to exist (with English subtitles available).

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  1. George Onyango

    We are a community based organisation working with children and youth scavenging in the dumpsite. Through sports, we are able to rehabilitate them and take them back to school and vocational training centres to get education and gain skills.
    We would like to partner with Volunteer Correct. We would be happy if you can let us know the requirements needed.

    Yours sincerely
    George Onyango
    Programmes Director

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