What we do

Volunteer Correct wants better volunteering. We raise awareness, conduct research, and lobby within the voluntourism industry.

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Where to volunteer?

Want to volunteer, but full of questions? It is a hard choice! Check out our resources to find out what type of project suits you!

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Workshops and expertise

Volunteer Correct is the leading organisation reaching both potential volunteers and sending organisations. We share our expertise.

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Effectiveness in voluntourism

The Search for Effectiveness in Voluntourism: How your Work Can Be of Use

In a series for Volunteer Correct, Eva Scheltema dives head first into the question of ‘effectiveness’. How can we be sure that our work is valuable? Does effectiveness in voluntourism exist? Questions of volunteering always revolve around effectiveness. Will you be able to do something of lasting value? When I was doing volunteer work in

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volunteer costs

Volunteer Costs: Where Does Your Money End Up? Pie charts and more..

This is what we found out about the volunteer costs you pay Cape Town is a special place. Nowhere in the world is the contrast between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ bigger. The city harbours beauty and luxury, but in the sprawling townships, poverty manifests its social consequences. These circumstances make the Western Cape an attractive

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four volunteer portrets

Four Volunteer Portraits: How Theory Comes Alive

How theory comes alive: four volunteer portraits and what they tell you about volunteer tourism So far during Project Cape Town, we have looked at volunteer tourism from different perspectives. Today, we’ll go back to the basics of volunteer tourism: the volunteers. By combining four video volunteer portraits with some critical academic readings, we will

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The Bird's New Nest

‘The Bird’s New Nest’, German blog gives Project Cape Town centre stage

Centre stage in The Bird’s New Nest The online eco-life-style-magazine The Bird’s New Nest has given Volunteer Correct’s Project Cape Town centre stage. The leading German language platform has published multiple reports about our process and findings. Our foundation’s president Reinier Vriend kicked off by introducing the readers of The Bird’s New Nest to our

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volunteering with children

Volunteering with Children: Dangers of Doing Good

Volunteering with children – where your help can harm Working with children is a very popular form of volunteering. African children are portrayed as vulnerable children who are in need of help from the West. Orphanages, schools and other projects involving children are often short of staff and are glad to work with Western volunteers.

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