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International volunteering media resources

Volunteering is a hard thing to do well, and it’s not easy to get the important information to base your choices on. To make it easier for anyone to better understand the volunteering industry, we’ve been busy at producing useful media resources about the topic.
These media will be of great help if you would like to know what pitfalls to avoid when searching a good volunteering project yourself or your child, but they can also provide you with the basis to teach a class about the topic to your students.

The media resources we have on offer are divided in two main categories: videos and articles.


The majority of our videos are our own productions, made during Project Cape Town. These videos show the particularities of the local voluntourism industry and work wonderfully well as conversation starters for classes or conversations. You can view all the posted videos here.


Among the articles we would like to share, we have made a rough division between their contents. We have done this to make it easier for you to find the types of content that will help you the best.

The first category concerns research. These articles contain original research carried out by one of us or an external expert. The articles under this header are specifically useful for people who would like to know more about volunteering problems and best practices, like researchers, film makers, students, etc.

The second category has been named review. The articles found here are usually reactions to other films, articles or websites. Resources in this category allow reader to get a larger understanding of how media interact and portray the volunteering industry and what we as an organisation make of it.

The third category is experience. These articles are written by participants of one of our projects and concern how they felt about what they got to see and do. These articles give you an insight in how it is to join up with Volunteer Correct and add a human face to our organisation.

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