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‘The Voluntourist’ by Chloe Sanguinetti

The Voluntourist, a voluntourism short documentary Volunteer Correct became aware of Chloé Sanguinetti and her sort film ‘The Voluntourist’ at the Tourism Concern Voluntourism Conference this October. We spoke with her about her short documentary film, which can be viewed below. Chloé Sanguinetti grew up in Paris. After graduating in ‘Humanitarian Aid and International relations’,

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“Emancipate volunteer projects financially” says Emma

Are local projects kept too much in the dark about what volunteers pay? Master student Emma researched voluntourism in South Africa and shares her experiences with Volunteer Correct: “There is ample opportunity for improvement if receiving projects insist on becoming better informed”. My time in Durban has come to an end. During the three months

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Working with children: the Achilles’ heel of organized volunteering abroad

Let me ask you this. How many times have you logged onto Facebook and have you been greeted by a newly-updated profile picture of one of your friends, volunteer-smile intact, affectionately cuddling a small, rather grubby-looking child, from an unknown African nation? Once? Twice? Too many times to recall exactly? These are the first words of the

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Investigating voluntourism in Cape Town

Voluntourism in Cape Town: The Report

Voluntourism in Cape Town: Mother City’s complete offer unpacked To officially end Project Cape Town in style, the Volunteer Correct foundation presents her research report. In order to produce their films and articles, the foundation investigated all offers of voluntourism in Cape Town. Read the full report right away, or read the headlines here below.

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The importance of attachment: a ‘high five’ when he was happy

The importance of attachment: the experiences of a developmental psychologist Volunteer Correct presents their expert forum, where professionals from field that touch international volunteering have their say. In this article, developmental psychologist Merijn Ritmeester shares his experience about attachment issues in youth care, like that one boy with whom he bonded especially well. Every human

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